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Welcome to Rockhaven Cockers!

We are a small hobby cocker spaniel breeder in West Georgia breeding precious cocker spaniels for pet and show homes since 1987! Before you go any further please click on My Breeding Philosophy link to see if one of our puppies will be right for you.

puppy imageFirst off let me say I understand that shopping for a well bred puppy over the Internet is a scary thing to do. Please understand that it is scary for me also to trust someone I have never met before with one of my fur-babies. That is why I like to get to know you as you get to know me as a breeder and it is always my hope that when you get your new family member from me that we be able to stay in touch afterwards. Also, please note that I will only sell my puppies to approved homes where I'm confident that my babies will be loved and well taken care of.

My puppies are born and raised in my home and they are loved and cared for every day. They are accustomed to normal household noises and are weaned slowly to avoid separation anxieties. In addition, I'm often asked if my puppies get along with cats to which I can honestly answer YES!

Shown below are pictures of our Rockhaven Cockers resident felines who interacts with our puppies.

Rockhaven Cockers Feline1 Rockhaven Cockers Feline2


It has come to our attention that an unscrupulous person is trying to scam people out of money by requesting PayPal deposits to reserve one of our puppies. Please be advised:
  1. We do NOT accept PayPal transactions for puppy reservation deposits.
  2. We do NOT have agents selling our puppies.
  3. Please call (706-402-4572) and speak with me directly to reserve one of our puppies.
  4. Do NOT respond or reply to a email address.
  5. Our website is continually being updated with the most current information.
We are a reputable breeder so PLEASE contact me directly via telephone or a website originated email.
Tammie Baker

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Thou art my Father, my God, and the Rock of my Salvation. (Psalm 89:26)

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Sometimes it takes me longer than I would like in order to return your calls and email messages. Please understand that my Cocker Spaniel family and fur babies keep me busy 12-14 hours on most days. Here is a listing of tasks performed by me to ensure that you will get some of the best Cocker Spaniel puppies available.
  • Kennel Maintenace
  • Feeding
  • Breeding
  • AKC Litter Registrations
  • Pedigree Research
  • Nursery Care
  • Vet Tech
  • Grooming
  • Puppy Socializing
  • Bedding Seamstress
  • Grounds Keeper
  • Being a Grandma
  • Taking care of my family
I love what I do and hope you'll understand why it may take me a while to get back to you.

One of Our Offspring Champions “Jorie” during her March 2012 Agility Excellent Title Run

One of Our Offspring “Whirlwind’s Princess Kayla Starr” running Performance I Jumpers at her very first agility trial on March 1, 2013

One of our Offspring “Briar” with his first Pheasant.

Tucker's son Briar

This is ‘Briar’. He is one of Tucker's boys. He is actually being used as a sporting dog. This is a picture of him with his first pheasant. Proud owner is Scotty Hardison. Click on the video link to see Briar being trained. Since Briar's video has audio we suggest that you disable the home page music, with the audio control button toward the top left side of this page, prior to viewing Briar's training video.


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