December 2014

Out of Town for a Week

Please be advised that I will be out of town from Friday September 19 through Saturday September 27. I won’t have access to e-mail, text or phone service, therefore, I will not be able to get back to you until after my return.

Have a blessed day,


Updated Images of Gossip’s Litter

Finally!! Believe it or not I DID get new photo’s of our Gossip and Sarge’s babies up! They are almost ready to go to new homes! They are being weaned now and doing very good. So very proud of these puppies. Sorry it took a while but this has been an eventful summer! As lot of new and exciting things happening around here I can hardly keep up! God, thank you for helping me handle ALL my blessings ! That is my prayer. And you wonderful Rockhaven Friends are a tremendous blessing. I love all your words of encouragement. I thank you for all your prayers. It is so very gratifying to me to meet so many of you and I am honored to help you with a new addition to your family; A ROCKHAVEN COCKER SPANIEL !!!!!!

Dog Days of Summer

I want to thank everyone for being so patient the last couple of months. The ‘Dog Days’ of summer are upon us and my priority has been to keep our cockers as cool and comfortable as possible. I spend a lot of time outside with my fur-babies especially at this time. Everybody gets re-shaved and go in the air-conditioning during the day and then enjoy their runs late evening/over nite. I don’t know why this time of year is called the ‘ Dog Days’ but we know it is especially harder on our fur-friends and special attention should be paid to their well-being.



Biscuit is having her first litter

It is happening ! Our buff babies out of “Cruizer “ and “Biscuit “ are being born right now !! So far we have two boys and two girls! We have been rushing around here in anticipation for these babies for weeks now. So it is a happy day. Mom and babies are doing well. I will keep updating! I am also updating on our Rockhavencockers Facebook page. I encourage you to go there for updates also! If you are considering adopting one of these precious babies please go to our nursery page on this website and read about the process. Thank you for all the prayers you faithful Rockhaven friends!!

Tammie Baker

Totay is a Brand New Day

Isn’t it interesting how the hardest situations we find ourselves in have the greatest potential for Blessing? The last two weeks have been challenging to say the least. I have seen most of my family and Grandchildren But I’ve been thru the loss of a lifetime friend. I have been praying for decades for a major repair in my home and it is happening as we speak. My puppies/dogs are doing incredibly well for all the different friends/family and people who have been in my home. In fact the cockers have seemed to flourish in all the new faces and and extra attention. Its quiet in my home now. Its been a week since Cathy has joined Heaven. Time to get back to our regular routine here ( What is that??) But I am anxious to show off OUR NEW FUR-BABIES and get back to the crazy wonderful life I have of Faith, Family, Friends, and Cocker Spaniels !!! The last few weeks have been sweet and some sour, but today is a brand new day !!!!!

Had a Death in the Family

I just wanted to let you all know that there has been a death in my family that required me to leave town for a few days. I most likely will not be responding to your emails until I return this weekend. Our new puppies are doing well and we should be able to get some pictures on the website by this weekend. Again, thanks for understanding.


Gossip is in Labor

Our sweet Gossip is in labor and doing well. With Sarge as the daddy we expect to see parti and tri parti puppies. As soon as all the puppies are on the ground we’ll update the website with information and images.