Updated Images of Gossip’s Litter

Updated Images of Gossip’s Litter

Finally!! Believe it or not I DID get new photo’s of our Gossip and Sarge’s babies up! They are almost ready to go to new homes! They are being weaned now and doing very good. So very proud of these puppies. Sorry it took a while but this has been an eventful summer! As lot of new and exciting things happening around here I can hardly keep up! God, thank you for helping me handle ALL my blessings ! That is my prayer. And you wonderful Rockhaven Friends are a tremendous blessing. I love all your words of encouragement. I thank you for all your prayers. It is so very gratifying to me to meet so many of you and I am honored to help you with a new addition to your family; A ROCKHAVEN COCKER SPANIEL !!!!!!

Tammie Baker

  • Sharon/ 31.08.2014Reply

    Hi, First off I love your website! Jesus is my rock and it’s very inspiring to see him included in your website!
    I also love you shirt; )
    I’m in central Alabama and I would love to see the puppy’s you have available. I may not be doing g something right to view them.

    • petester/ 05.09.2014Reply

      Go to the “Available Puppies” menu and select from the drop-down menus either “Puppies Ready to go Home” or “Puppy Nursery” to see what we have available.

      Blessings, Tammie Baker

  • Debbie/ 14.10.2014Reply

    Being a recently divorced nurse and very knowledgeable of the love of a cocker I am in need of another ” partner in crime “! God drew me to this website and was so blessed to talk with Tammie. The love, compassion and whole hearted feeling that tammie has for her cockers and cocker lovers is overwhelming! Thank God for breeders like you Tammie! The quality of your cockers is a product of your heart! Keep up the good work and cockers and cocker lovers appreciate you!!

  • Debbie/ 14.10.2014Reply


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