Our dear Sarge, a.k.a. Major, crossed the Rainbow Bridge Friday.

Our dear Sarge, a.k.a. Major, crossed the Rainbow Bridge Friday.

Our dear Sarge, I always called him Major, crossed the Rainbow Bridge Friday. There are no words. I was with him and felt honored when that great soul left this world and entered the next. He was amazing. I will always be grateful that this wonderful, precious boy came into my life. He enlarged my life with his presence. HE is missed.

Pete Mansel

  • Melanie/ 01.04.2015Reply

    My sweet girl Gracie passed away Thursday. She was 13 buff American cocker and extremely loved. Today was tough and I just missed her so much. I guess it prompted me to just look for pictures of cockers. When I saw your post about major iit hit home. I am sorry for your loss..

  • caitlynn/ 23.04.2015Reply

    I am so sorry for your loss r.i.p. beautiful angel.

  • Kim Lepard/ 09.06.2015Reply

    Tammy, my heart breaks for you. We have Scarlett, one of Sarge’s puppies. He must have been a treasure. Kim

  • Lila/ 08.03.2016Reply

    Tammy. It’s almost been a year since you lost Sarge and I meant to email you when my son, Ron told me last year that he had seen your posting of Sarge’s passing. . So young and so sad, especially since he is the daddy of my Yoshi. Yoshi’s mom is Gracie and Yoshi was born July 6, 2014. Yoshi was a surprise gift early one hot August morning when my son, Ron and his wife, Roni drove from Newnan, GA to Gilbert, SC and rang the doorbell and around the corner comes Ron with the tiniest, sweetest little puppy. I had recently lost Bandit of 14 years, a black, cocker with 4 white paws and 2 years prior I lost Pearl of 12 years,, a rescue border collie/sheltie mix. Yoshi was the coloring of Pearl (blue merle parti-color) and a cocker like Bandit. Yoshi will be 2 in July and I cannot tell you how happy we are to have her in our family! She is sweet, spoiled and remarkably very smart!
    Thank you Sarge (Major) for producing a wonderful offspring! Hope life is fun over the Rainbow Bridge.
    Sincerely, Lila & Chris Moses
    Gilbert, South Carolina

  • Gail/ 04.04.2016Reply

    I also lost my beautiful Buffy two was ago, my heart is broken. She wasn’t a champion but to me she could have been. She was attached to my hip.and I am missing her terribly. I do have a male who has been very quiet lately. I would like another buff female.hope to hear from you. Gail

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