Biscuit is having her first litter

It is happening ! Our buff babies out of “Cruizer “ and “Biscuit “ are being born right now !! So far we have two boys and two girls! We have been rushing around here in anticipation for these babies for weeks now. So it is a happy day. Mom and babies are doing well. I will keep updating! I am also updating on our Rockhavencockers Facebook page. I encourage you to go there for updates also! If you are considering adopting one of these precious babies please go to our nursery page on this website and read about the process. Thank you for all the prayers you faithful Rockhaven friends!!

Tammie Baker

Totay is a Brand New Day

Isn’t it interesting how the hardest situations we find ourselves in have the greatest potential for Blessing? The last two weeks have been challenging to say the least. I have seen most of my family and Grandchildren But I’ve been thru the loss of a lifetime friend. I have been praying for decades for a major repair in my home and it is happening as we speak. My puppies/dogs are doing incredibly well for all the different friends/family and people who have been in my home. In fact the cockers have seemed to flourish in all the new faces and and extra attention. Its quiet in my home now. Its been a week since Cathy has joined Heaven. Time to get back to our regular routine here ( What is that??) But I am anxious to show off OUR NEW FUR-BABIES and get back to the crazy wonderful life I have of Faith, Family, Friends, and Cocker Spaniels !!! The last few weeks have been sweet and some sour, but today is a brand new day !!!!!

Had a Death in the Family

I just wanted to let you all know that there has been a death in my family that required me to leave town for a few days. I most likely will not be responding to your emails until I return this weekend. Our new puppies are doing well and we should be able to get some pictures on the website by this weekend. Again, thanks for understanding.


Gossip is in Labor

Our sweet Gossip is in labor and doing well. With Sarge as the daddy we expect to see parti and tri parti puppies. As soon as all the puppies are on the ground we’ll update the website with information and images.

Rockhaven Cockers Website Gets a New Facelift

After nearly two and a halve years we thought it was time to give our website a new facelift with some new features as well. Not to worry you will find that most of the information from the old website has been ported over to the new site even though the layout may be a little different but more pleasing to the eye. As always, we value your input and feedback so please let us know how the image of the new website appeals to versus our old one.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Tammie Baker

Acquired 4 Puppies from a Louisiana Breeder

I have had numerous inquiries lately asking if I had “ready to go home” puppies available. Since I only breed select females once a year I don’t always have puppies available in the time-frame some people would like. To fill our current puppy void I have acquired four puppies (two black and two chocolate) from a very reputable breeder in Louisiana which I have been dealing with for more than 25 years. Her breeding bloodlines are very similar to our Rockhaven ones, so getting one of her puppies is like getting one of our own. As a matter of fact, the dame of the two black puppies is our Tucker’s sister and the sire is our Maddie’s brother. For additional information don’t hesitate to contact me.

Interests in Maddie’s Litter

There has been quite a bit of interest in Maddie’s two puppy litter and a number of people have filled out and submitted reservation request forms. Please be advised that in order to reserve a puppy I require a 50% deposit that is applied on a first come first serve basis. If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to email or call me.

Tammie Baker – Breeder

Canine Mythbusters

Your AKC
Myth Buster

We’ve all heard common dog myths – dog mouths are cleaner than humans, or one human year is equal to seven dog years. Here are some of those myths – BUSTED!

Myth: Dogs’ mouths are cleaner than ours
Fact: Sadly, humans have nothing to brag about with regard to dental hygiene. Our mouths are petri dishes for bacteria, and an extraordinarily high percentage of human bites become infected. Most of us practice some form of dental prophylaxis—regular brushing, flossing, antibacterial dentifrices and mouthwashes, and regular dental care with a professional. Unfortunately, most owners do not consistently brush their dog’s teeth, provide tooth-friendly foods, or schedule regular dental checkups or cleanings with their veterinarian. As a result, many dogs’ mouths house a variety of potentially harmful bacteria. Dogs bitten by other dogs are at risk of not only serious damage from the bite itself but also a potentially life-threatening secondary bacterial infection.

Compared with most people, a dog’s mouth is not cleaner than a human’s. In addition to less attention paid to oral hygiene, infrequency of regular brushing and dental cleaning, and a variety of unhygienic feeding and grooming practices, a dog’s mouth harbors a large population of potentially dangerous organisms, including zoonotic organisms such as Giardia. So, any contact with dog mouths should be minimal. Any dog bite, whether to another dog or to a human being, holds the possibility of infection and should be examined by a trained health professional.

Myth: Dogs eat grass because they are deficient in a nutrient in their diet or to make themselves vomit.
Fact: Dogs on well-balanced rations and in remarkably good condition regularly eat grass, and many dogs can be observed to routinely eat grass and not vomit. Research has revealed most grass to be a relatively poor emetic, and other studies have documented several wild canid species who also commonly eat grass. So the idea that dogs eat grass because they are missing something in their diet does not stand up under scrutiny for a variety of reasons. Likewise, the notion that grass is used by dogs needing to vomit cannot be supported experimentally. Some dogs might just like the taste. Be careful, particularly in teething puppies—excessive ingestion of leaves, sticks, grass, and other plant material can lead to gastrointestinal obstruction.

Myth: One human year is like seven to a dog.
Fact: For all living species, life expectancy is the result of several factors. Nutrition, exercise, availability of medical care, and genetics all play a major role in how long a dog lives. Generally speaking, a dog’s size will influence how long he lives. Giant breeds and larger dogs appear to age faster, and many of the smaller dogs are incredibly long-lived. Research your breed of interest. Your breeder, people who own that breed, and your veterinarian can give you some idea about your dog’s life expectancy.


We encourage you to research on your own so for more info visit Oct. 23, 2013: Federal health officials are warning pet owners to be cautious about feeding their dogs jerky treats as they continue to investigate a treat-related illness that has left nearly 600 dogs dead and sickened more than 3000 others. #recall #dogs — with Tony Rei Tolentino, Ben Herndon, Adelyn Ong and 26 others at


RECALL ALERT: Iverhart Chewable Heartworm Prevention

Written on 08/20/2013 by Brandy Arnold in Front Page News, Recalls

Post Image

Virbac Animal Health has issued an expanded recall of certain lots of Iverhart Plus Flavored Chewables for heartworm prevention.

This recall is an expansion of a recall issued last April due to low levels of Ivermectin, leaving dogs in the upper third of each weight range unprotected against heartworm infection.

According to PetMD, the following items are part of the expanded recall:

The following lot numbers of Iverhart Plus Flavored Chewables are included in the expanded recall:

Small (up to 25lbs)
120092: Small (up to 25lbs)
120397: Small (up to 25lbs)
120398: Small (up to 25lbs)
120798: Small (up to 25lbs)

Medium (26-50lbs)
120090: Medium (26-50lbs)
120301: Medium (26-50lbs)
120378: Medium (26-50lbs)
120450: Medium (26-50lbs)
121282: Medium (26-50lbs)

Large (51-100lbs)
120091: Large (51-100lbs)
120127:Large (51-100lbs)
120195: Large (51-100lbs)
120207: Large (51-100lbs)
120256: Large (51-100lbs)
120289: Large(51-100lbs)
120300: Large (51-100lbs)
120305: Large (51-100lbs)
120306: Large (51-100lbs)
120377: Large (51-100lbs)
120379: Large (51-100lbs)
120434: Large (51-100lbs)
120440: Large (51-100lbs)
120464: Large (51-100lbs)
120651: Large (51-100lbs)
120658: Large (51-100lbs)
120678: Large (51-100lbs)
120831: Large (51-100lbs)
121110: Large (51-100lbs)
121150: Large (51-100lbs)
121283: Large (51-100lbs)
121386: Large (51-100lbs)

No illness or adverse reactions have been reported as a result of this recall.

For questions or concerns about the Iverhart Plus recall, please contact Virbac Technical Services at 1-800-338-3659 ext. 3052.