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You were probably looking for a very well bred Cocker puppy that lies just short of being Show Quality, or you would have gone to a pet store or some local backyard breeder. GOOD FOR YOU!!! As in many things, there are various levels of quality and this is also true in dogs.

Puppies from good breeders cost more money because we have spent much time and money trying to bring a healthier and sounder puppy into the world. We just don’t throw two dogs of the same breed together in the backyard and wait for puppies and then register them. We constantly screen our Cockers for the various hereditary problems that are generally present in our breed and constantly work toward producing that PERFECT puppy.

All Our puppies are available for sale to approved homes, are well socialized and are of EXCELLENT temperament. They are AKC registered and approved Champion bloodlines. They are up to date on vaccinations, wormed and vet checked. They are of exceptional quality and will make a wonderful addition to your good home. Puppies are individually priced with limited AKC registration.

(A limited registration will allow you to register your dog and show in obedience but not in conformation. If you were to breed a dog with a “limited” registration; you would not be allowed to register any pups resulting from that breeding. This type of registration is usually given to “pet quality” animals that the breeder does not want bred. Usually the contract states that you will spay/neuter at the appropriate time; if it hasn’t been done already.

A full registration is just that. You may register the dog, show in conformation and/or obedience if you wish and register any puppies you may have should you decide to breed (assuming that BOTH parents have full registrations).

Click on this link if you are interested in getting one of our puppies. We are a fully approved and Georgia State Licensed, hobby kennel in West Georgia.

Add $50.00 to pricing for female.
ADD $150.00 for unlimited full AKC registration
ADD up to $450+ for shipping which includes the following:

  • Required Veterinary Health Certificate (complete physical)
  • Airline approved shipping crate
  • Filled Food and Water containers
  • Air Fare
  • One hour travel time to and from Atlanta airport and two hours airline mandated processing and loading time

To ensure a puppy’s safe journey we reserve the right NOT to ship during major holidays or inclement weather conditions in Atlanta or at the shipping destination!

Please be advised that all Checks and Money orders should be made payable to Tammie Baker not Rockhaven Cockers.

Prices Effective February 1, 2014

Black $900.00

black cocker puppy image

Buff $900.00

Buff Puppy

Parti Color B/W $900.00

 Parti B/W Puppy

Parti Color/Tri $900.00

Tri Parti Puppy

Chocolate $1,000.00

Chocolate Puppy

Sables/Parti $1,000.00

Sabel Parti Puppy

Some of you may have heard or have been told to be cautious of puppies with the Merle Gene. Responsible breeders have been nurturing this color and breeding to ensure that no genetic anomalies surface two to three generations down the road. If you get a Merle puppy from a reputable breeder you have nothing to be concerned about. For additional information on Merle Cocker Spaniels please click on the AJ Kennels link where a significant amount of information is available.

Merles (Parti) $1,100.00

Merles Parti Puppy

Merles (Solid) $1,100.00

Merles Solid Puppy

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