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Commitment to Purchase and Deposit Agreement


A word of Introduction:


All our little cockers are home-raised. Each individual puppy is special to us and is loved dearly for his/her unique qualities. We strive for soundness, intelligence and loving temperaments. All our cockers are AKC registered and have Champion Bloodlines. All our puppies’ tails will be docked and dew claws removed. They will be on a strict worming and vaccination schedule, which are given by the Breeder. To keep the process of acquiring your new puppy from us as stress free as possible, we don’t burden you with a lot of paperwork. Our puppies will come vet-checked with their Puppy Care package which will include their Health record, AKC registration papers, a fresh bath and haircut!


Puppy Reservation Deposits:


The ownership of a cocker spaniel, like any pet, is a serious responsibility. It is the goal of Rockhaven Cockers to ensure that this responsibility as well as the financial and psychological needs of each cocker can be met in its new home.


All puppies are sold in the order of deposits received to hold them. The “Purchase Commitment” non-refundable Deposit is half the full purchase price in order to hold the puppy until the agreed upon departure date. Our standard prices are listed on our website under the “Our Breeds” tab unless a different price had previously been agreed upon. As soon as the buyer’s deposit is received the selected puppy is reserved and the website will then be updated to reflect that puppy’s reservation status. When buyers reserve puppies with us we take it seriously and all other interested parties are then turned away from buyer’s reserved puppy.


When buyer reserves his/her puppy with us buyer will be able to schedule time to visit and bond with his/her puppy until the puppy is ready to go home. We believe this time together reduces the stress and anxiety that some puppies may experience going to a new home.


At times, several families will be interested in the same puppy since I do receive numerous inquiry e-mails concerning our babies! At that time we will give buyers time to get a Cashier’s Check or Money Order in overnight delivery to us. Since most regular mail can be slow it is recommended to send a reservation deposit via Priority Mail or UPS.




Deposits will not be refunded if buyer changes his/her mind for ANY reason. If the puppy’s full purchase price has been paid and purchaser decides that the puppy is not going to work for him/her for any reason, the full purchase price will NOT be refunded or transferred to a different puppy unless agreed to specifically by the breeder. All puppy purchase funds are forfeited to the Breeder.


Delayed Pick-up:


There will be additional charges if puppy is not picked up on the date determined that the puppy is ready to go home. Beyond 7 days of agreed upon pick up date, we will charge a Boarding fee of $15.00 per day. Additional vaccinations or treatments during the boarding period will be charged to buyer.




Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old to be shipped and we only ship via Delta or American Airlines. Shipping charges will add an additional $450.00+ to the purchase price.


Payment Options:


Due to previous issues, we do not accept Personal checks. Only Cash, Money Orders or Cashier’s checks will be accepted.




AS ALWAYS, we are honored to be a Georgia State Licensed, Approved AKC Kennel Club affiliate with my Kennel. We are proud to have a Pet Protections License which has been so very helpful in the care and kenneling of our Personal Cockers and the wonderful cockers we are honored to occasionally Board and Groom!


I am Blessed and Grateful for the many fine people I have met over the years and continue to meet and enjoy through my Love of the American Cocker Spaniel!!


May God richly Bless You and Yours!


Other Notes:


I do suggest that as soon as your vet will allow, you spay or neuter your new puppy for a more well-behaved, healthier, happier pet. Regular vet visits and continuing vaccinations and grooming are a must. We will be depending on you to continue your new puppy’s excellent health care and give him/her plenty of Love and Attention !!


By sending a non-refundable deposit on the puppy of buyer’s choice, buyer agrees to all deposit terms listed above and also agrees to all terms of the Bill of Sale Agreement. If buyer does elects not to sign the “Bill of Sale Agreement” and mails a puppy reservation deposit buyer is still agreeing to all terms of the Bill of Sale Agreement.


I thank you for allowing us to provide you with your new puppy and it is my prayer and wish that you will provide a loving, happy home for him/her.


Tammie Baker – Breeder


To download a PDF version of the Commitment to Purchase and Deposit Agreement please click on the Commitment to Purchase and Deposit Agreement link!


Health Guarantee and Sales Agreement


This contract is written for the protection of the breeder, the buyer and the puppy.


This Puppy is guaranteed to be in good health to the best of our Knowledge at the time of purchase. Seller warrants that every precaution and quality care has been taken to insure the physical soundness and mental stability of this puppy to date. Puppy is active, eating well and has normal stools. The puppy will have started its first set of shots/de-worming, but puppy is not fully protected until it receives all boosters/repeat de-worming. It is the sole responsibility of the Buyer to continue such to completion. Viral areas and worming can become an issue when puppy is under stress/public exposure. Seller is not responsible for any vet expenses for such at any time.


Buyers should have the puppy examined by a vet as a further precaution along with a stool sample within 72 hours of time of purchase/pick-up and are urged to do so.


Buyer’s Care Requirements:


Buyer agrees to care for this puppy which includes; but is not limited to:


  1. Maintaining the puppy on a proper puppy diet and at a weight sensible for its age/size.
  2. Giving the puppy regular care, grooming, exercise, and providing veterinary care including check-ups, heartworm preventative, vaccinations, de-worming. (An annual check-up is advised.)
  3. Confining the puppy to a suitably fenced area, neither chaining it nor allowing it to roam free.
  4. Providing puppy/adult a warm temperature of 70 degree’s with shelter from sun/snow.


Certain breeds are predisposed to certain disorders; the American Cocker Spaniel is no exception. All dogs have the capacity to have a genetic/congenital flaw. With regard to the breed, there is always a risk of physical problems even in the most selective breeding practices. I work diligently to reduce health issues by monitoring bloodlines and breed specific tests and screenings. There is no guarantee that this or any puppy will or will not have future health issues.


Health Guarantee 1 Year:


If within 1 year’s time from puppy’s 1st birthday it is found to have a life threatening congenital defect on major organs that prevents the puppy from acting as a pet/companion.


Please have your vet document this condition w/ a signed written statement. In event of death an autopsy must be obtained to establish cause.

Only upon my vet confirming your vet’s finding, will a puppy of equal value be given as a replacement puppy as soon as available.


We require the return of the defective puppy unless otherwise stated by the Seller, in good clean condition as when it left the seller. All vaccinations/de-worming are required to be current along w/ a healthy diet. Replacement Puppy and/or returned funds are based on the clearing of the buyers’ method of payment and the return of the original puppy to the Seller. The Seller shall not be liable for any damages or any claim(s) arising in any event, punitive, consequential, or incidental. The seller will in no circumstance refund any/part of the purchase price to the buyer. WE cannot assume responsibility for this puppy once leaving our premises.


Outside of this Health Guarantee “Puppy is sold in an AS IS condition”.




Half of full purchase price is required for down payment and the remaining balance is due upon puppy pickup. Deposit is for the purpose of holding the puppy until pick up day. Deposits are non-refundable.


Kennel Boarding:


Beyond 7 days of agreed upon pick up date, we will charge a Boarding fee of $15.00 per day. Additional vaccinations or treatments during the boarding period will be charged to buyer.


Seller is not responsible for any vet bills whatsoever at any time after puppy leaves our premises for routine or emergency care.


Seller is not responsible for any future problems the puppy develops after leaving our premises that could be related to an accident, over heat/cold exposure, repeat exposure to chemicals used for upholstery cleaning, household cleaners, lawn fertilizers, air fresheners, viral, bacterial, long term poor diet.


Payments in Full:


The purchase price must be paid in full before delivery of the puppy. If not otherwise specified, the seller requires the balance be made in cash on its pick up date from our premises.




Breeder cannot guarantee exact size. Although, the Seller has attempted to grade/evaluate the litter for certain expectations, such is made as an educated guess at best and based on reasonable assumptions considering bloodline, and other factors. The Seller cannot guarantee the future weight of a puppy especially so w/ spaying or neutering which increases weight size.


Buyer acknowledges:


  1. Seller is not responsible for any issues that could be a result of injury from dropping, squeezing, rough play, or stress related from other pets which can cause havoc on puppy’s health. Seller is not responsible for any vet bills w/ this in mind.
  2. No offspring from this dog are to be sold to any commercial breeder, broker, or pet shop. Nor shall it be put into a rescue situation. If, for any reason, you can no longer care for this dog in its lifetime; please return it to me giving me an opportunity to find it a new home.
  3. Both Seller and Buyer have read, understand and agree to the terms of this Sales Contract.
  4. Buyer has Instructions, has read and understands the puppy’s care requirements.


WE the undersigned understand and accept this agreement and accept full responsibility for this purchased dog/puppy. We hereby release the seller from any further liability.


______________________________ ____________________________
(Buyer’s Signature)                                Date


______________________________ ____________________________
(Seller’s Signature) Tammie Baker        Date


Please download a PDF version of the Health Guarantee and Sales Agreement by clicking on the following Health Guarantee and Sales Agreement link!


Thank you for purchasing one of our Cocker Spaniel Puppies. We hope you enjoy your new friend and family member and remember; puppies are babies too and will need plenty of rest, love and kindness. If you have any questions regarding your puppy or how to take care of it, please feel free to call us anytime at our contact number. No cash refunds are implied.


If AKC papers are not given at time of purchase, they will be mailed to you as soon as we receive them from AKC