Repeat Clients

We have been breeding for over 25 years producing quality puppies that look prettier than most pet cockers you have seen because they do come from carefully planned healthy, quality bloodlines. Our motto mirrors Walt Disney’s philosophy “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” This motto has served us well over the years resulting in a significant number of repeat puppy adoptions. Although there have been too many repeat adoptions to mention them all, we did want to feature and mention some of our extraordinary adoptive clients.

Joanne H.

Joanne adopted four black cockers (Jorie, Shasta, Kayla, Maya) because she believes that Rockhaven Cockers produces quality cocker spaniels that are home-raised and properly socialized; are loving, eager to please and make great companions as well as performance dogs (i.e., agility). Her Agility Champion “Whirlwind’s Princess Marjorie Helena – Jorie” shown is also featured on our home page.


John B. Family


John and his family adopted four Rockhaven Cockers and is considering another adoption at this time. Shown below is their fourth adoption – a precious little girl they named “Molly”.


Joy S. Family & Friends


Joy S. family and friends have adopted many of our cocker spaniel puppies. Shown below are three of them (Dexter, Scooter, Sadie) and we will be adding additional names & images as they arrive.




Pete Mansel


Pete was looking to adopted a black female and ended up adopting two of our cocker spaniel puppies. Shown below are parti colored Abby and solid black Daisy.





We are in the process of gathering additional information, images and listing permissions. As permissions are granted we will add their profiles and images! If you would like to be listed on this page PLEASE send us an email with puppy names and images.